Friday, April 3, 2009


Also Known as Internet Protocol suite or Networking Model. TCP/IP model Is Set of communications protocols used for the Internet and other similar networks. Divided to 4 layer protocol.

Application Layer Protocol

* Computer program will talk to the Application layer. Each kind of program talks to a different Application protocol, depending on the program purpose such as SMTP or FTP.

* After processing the program request, the protocol on the Application layer will talk to another protocol from the Transport layer, usually TCP.

Transport Layer

* Transport Layer in charge of getting data sent by the upper layer, dividing them into packets and sending them to the layer below.

* Also, during data reception, this layer is in charge of putting the packets received from the network in order and also checking if the contents of the packets are intact.

Internet Layer

* IP (Internet Protocol) gets the packets received from the Transport layer and adds virtual address information.
- the address of the computer that is sending data.
- the address of the computer that will receive this data.

* Then the packet is sent to the lower layer.

Network Access

* The Network Access Layer will get the packets sent and send them over the network.


* Receive the packets from the network and send it to Internet Layer.

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