Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sality Virus Removal

Sality is a family of file infecting viruses that spread by infecting exe and scr files. The virus also includes an autorun worm component that allows it to spread to any removable or discoverable drive. In addition, Sality includes a downloader trojan component that installs additional malware via the Web.

As with many other malware, Sality disables antivirus software and prevents access to certain antivirus and security websites. Sality can also prevent booting into Safe Mode and may delete security-related files found on infected systems. To spread via the autorun component, Sality generally drops a .cmd, .pif, and .exe to the root of discoverable drives, along with an autorun.inf file which contains instructions to load the dropped file(s) when the drive is accessed.


- I managed to remove this virus using Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool With Latest Virus Definition.
- U can easily Download this Tools From Kaspersky lab Website Or From ... It's Free ..
- just install the tools and run it ...
- when it detect the Sality Virus ... Please CHOOSE disinfect.
Never CHOOSE Delete. or else all your program inside your PC will disappear because sality infect all your .EXE program files and system files.
If u choose to delete, nothing is working on ur PC after that...