Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Virus change your data into shortcut (Shortcut Virus)

This Virus Widely spread within Universiti Malaysia Sabah Main Campus. It was built using Visual Basic Programming language that take advantage of 'autorun' function inside Microsoft Windows.

This virus will automatically close the application such as Internet Explorer, Task Manager and most of your .exe file cannot be open even your antivirus.

It spread rapidly because we always share file using ThumbDrive. When your thumbdrive infected with the virus and you plug in into a Computer. That Computer will get Infected too. then, When another ThumbDrive plugged in to that Computer, that Thumbdrive will get infect. All data inside will be hidden & A shortcut that link to the virus file will appear. Clever virus.

This virus trigger a panic especially for them that need the actual data inside the thumbdrive.

Most of them who infected with the virus bring their computer to computer shop for reformatting the Operating System (Windows). this computer virus infection can be disinfect without reformatting your Computer.

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